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Hair Colour Stylists in Peterborough

Studio 74 Hair and Beauty have a team of dedicated hair colour stylists with many years experience. They are confident your new colour will have you looking fantastic. Amazing results can be achieved with Highlights, Lowlights and Contouring but how do you know where to start?

The techniques used to colour hair include Balayage, Dip Dye, Ombre, Highlights, Lowlights and Contouring. Reasons why you may be thinking of colouring your hair could be colour correction where a previous colour has ended up being too dark or too light or the wrong tone (too yellow etc), to enhance tone, to correct uneven colour, or perhaps just a complete colour change. The application technique used will depend on the look you wish to achieve so it’s really important to have a full colour consultation with your hair colour stylist.

Hair Colours

Before deciding on a complete colour change it’s important to understand how hair colour can affect skin tone and face shape. First determine your skin tone; if your skin looks better against silver then you probably have a cool skin tone, whereas if your skin tone looks better against gold then you most likely have a warm skin tone:

Hair Colour - Hair Colourist Peterborough

Hair Colours – Red, Brown, Black & Copper

If your skin tone is fair and cool you should consider a balance of copper and gold and avoid orange tones which can end up looking brassy.

Medium/neutral skin tone look great with pink-red shades or auburn, and bright red (think fire engine red) can look great on medium to deeper skin tones with undertones of yellow.

Warm skin tones look great with a red/ orange undertone such as in caramel and copper brown shades. Cool skin tones look best with light ash brown colours, cool coffee and dark auburns.

True black shades such as espresso, blue black and liquorice are best suited to warmer, deeper skin or neutral undertones. Dark mocha or brown-blacks are a more flattering option if you have fair skin and cool undertones.

Warmer skin tones can get away with most copper hair colours. Cool skin tones should opt for a more muted copper colour which has notes of gold and brown in it.

Olive toned skin should avoid reddy copper colours and instead edge towards copper colours high in yellow or gold undertones.

Hair Colour - Hair Salon Peterborough

Hair Colours – Platinum, Grey, Silver & Pastel

Platinum blonde is the lightest shade of blonde and tends to suit skin tones which are cool rather than warm but olive toned skin often works well with platinum hair (like Gwen Stefani or Linda Evangalista). So if you are thinking of going platinum and you have a warm or dark skin tone you could try on a platinum coloured a wig first to see if the colour will suit you. If you have naturally dark hair then platinum is going to be particularly high maintenance as your roots grow in so you should consider this before taking the plunge.

Although the first signs of grey can have us rushing for the hair dye, grey is also a popular colour choice in the salon. There are many shades of grey to choose from so you’re sure to find one that suits your complexion. Warm and olive skin tones should avoid anything too blue based and instead opt for platinum and gunmetal greys while cool skin tones look great in medium shades of grey to stand out against a paler complexion.

Silver hair colour is an on trend choice for 2019. Metallic shades vary from silver blonde colours to reflective greys and the results are stunning but if you’re going to dye your hair silver it is going to require lots of maintenance to keep it looking great. Cool skin tones tend to carry off silver coloured hair where warm skin tones can look washed out so might want to go for a more gold hue.

Pastel hair colours such as baby pink, icy blue and pale yellow are high fashion choices and if you have fair skin with warm undertones you will suit pale purples and blues. Fair, cool skin tones will look great contrasting with light pinks and oranges. Dark skin with warm undertones will look great with brighter shades while darker skin with cool undertones will be able to carry off pretty much any colour.

Fashion Colours

Unicorn hair – rainbow colours.

Mermaid hair – inspired by The Little Mermaid, hair is dyed in an array of purples, blues and greens.

Bronde – a fusion of brown and blonde to create a sunkissed look.

Denim Blue – taking inspiration from denim fabric to create a unique, bold effect. The new blue rinse!

Rose Gold– blonde base with pink hues and a metallic shimmer.

Hair Colour - Hair Colour Stylist Peterborough

Studio 74 Hair and Beauty’s team of dedicated hair colourists can colour your hair at both our Dogsthorpe hair salon and Gunthorpe hair salon in Peterborough. See our price guide for hair colouring, colour correction and hair highlighting services. If you are still unsure which is the right hair colour for you, please give the salon a call on 01733 565 198.